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Who Is Danneel?

Danneel, formally known as Danneel Harris and her birth name, Elta Danneel Graul, is an American actress born on the 18th March 1979, in Louisiana, USA. After starting her career modelling for various brands, her big break came when she got the part of Shannon McBain in One Life To Live in 2003. Since then, Danneel has acted in many TV shows, such as her iconic character Rachel Gatina in One Tree Hill and Sara Maxwell in Friends with Benefits. She has also starred in movies such as Ten Inch Hero, where her friendship with Jensen Ackles blossomed into a romance, the Harold and Kumar series, and more recently, as Julia in Baby Bootcamp.

Danneel married Jensen on the 15th May 2010 and gave birth to their daughter, Justice Jay 'JJ' Ackles on the 30th May 2013.
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